Irbis Projects About

IRBIS PROJECTS Ltd is a Russian company, which provides engineering services in glass and basalt industries.

Our specialists have wide experience in providing professional engineering services applicable to:

  • Analysis of world market of refractory materials
  • Manufacture and operation of refractory materials
  • Review of design documentation for furnace unit
  • Steelwork manufacture
  • Logistics
  • Assembling and supervising installation of furnace unit

Our company in cooperation with leading companies of Russia, Europe and China provides a comprehensive approach to rendering services in production of:

  • Container glass
  • Medical glass
  • Assorted glassware
  • Technical glass
  • Float glass
  • Solid silicates and frits
  • Continuous basalt fiber
  • Staple and superfine basalt fiber
  • Continuous glass fiber
  • Staple glass fiber
  • Staple mineral fiber

The comprehensive approach includes:

  • Design of production lines
  • Non-standard equipment manufacture
  • Steelwork and refractory manufacture
  • Logistics
  • Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Personnel training

A professional approach and quality of engineering services offered by our company, is confirmed by certification of quality management system ISO 9001-2008.

Basic definitions

Engineering (eng. engineering, from lat. ingenium - ingenuity; fiction; knowledge) - engineering and consulting services of a research, design, calculation and analytical nature, preparation of feasibility studies for projects, development of recommendations in the field of organization of production and management, that is a range of commercial services for the preparation and support of the production process and sales of products, for the maintenance and operation of industrial, infrastructure and other facilities.

Irbis Projects

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