Our company has extensive experience in the production and application of refractory materials (capable of withstanding high temperatures) for industrial use. Based on this experience and given the huge interest in environmental clean, fire-resistant and durable building materials, our company offers building materials on the Russian market materials its innovative product with unique properties - decorative panels for stylish interiors «IP style».

Due to its unique properties, it serves as a high-quality basis for decorative panels "IP style" calcium silicate sheet (SKL). This is a fundamentally new, asbestos-free, environmentally friendly building material, which can be used for both internal and external cladding of buildings. calcium silicate sheets resistant to fire and water, have constant dimensions and long service life, which makes this material especially relevant for use in humid climates. Environmental friendliness and material safety due primarily to the absence of toxic, carcinogenic substances and asbestos. The material is flame retardant and releases toxic products when burned.

Properties of calcium silicate sheets:

  • Absence of asbestos
  • Absence of toxic and carcinogenic substances
  • High sound and heat insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Stable physical characteristics
  • Lightness, strength and durability
  • Resistance to environmental influences
  • Resistance to damage by fungi, mold, insects, rodents and termites
  • High resistance to household chemicals, alkalis, acids and disinfectants

The main material for the production of calcium silicate sheets is silicic acid, which as a result chemical reaction with lime turns into calcium silicate. Durable and waterproof materials and products are obtained in as a result of the chemical interaction of finely divided lime and silica components in the process of their hydrothermal treatment in a steam environment at 175°C in autoclaves under a pressure of 0.8-1.4 MPa. As a result of chemical reaction, a durable and waterproof substance (calcium silicate) is formed, which cements the sand particles, forming fake diamond.

Calcium silicate sheets are produced industrially on automatic lines, which makes it possible to achieve high level of quality stability of the final product.

A decorative layer is applied to the calcium silicate sheet base using advanced application technology. paints with exposure to ultraviolet radiation and subsequent lamination. This process is completely automated and takes place without access to dust particles. This technology allows you to get a decorative layer on panels with a wide variety of patterns and textures that do not require post-installation finishing. This allows to satisfy any creative fantasies, maintaining the entire interior, both in the same style, and make the original color combination. The decorative layer of the panels also has all of the above properties and qualities, like the sheets themselves, a moisture-proof layer is applied on the back of the panel. To improve properties decorative coating (increase in hardness from 3H to 7H or increase fire resistance) apply fluorocarbon processing of the decorative layer.

Decorative layer properties:

  • Absence of toxic and carcinogenic substances
  • Fire resistance
  • High wear resistance to mechanical influences
  • Resistance to environmental influences
  • High light resistance
  • Resistance to damage by fungi, mold and insects
  • High resistance to household chemicals, alkalis, acids and disinfectants

The indisputable advantage in the installation of decorative panels is the simplicity of their installation, which does not require special skills and efforts, as well as the absence of “wet processes” at the facility. Panels are easy to cut and drill with standard drywall tool. Panel mounting is carried out using panel mounting profiles, liquid nails and self-tapping screws. The decorative layer of the panels is protected by a film that can be easily removed after installation.

"IP style" decorative panels are available in the most popular gloss finishes. and matte surface.

For interior decoration, dimensions 2440x1220x6 mm and 3050x1220x6mm:

  • Series "marble" IP style-S
  • Series "tree" IP style-W
  • A series of "metallic" IP style-J
  • A series of "monochrome" IP style-SH

For exterior decoration, with dimensions of 2440x1220x8 mm, 2440x1220x10 mm and 2440x1220x12 mm:

  • A series of "metallic" IP style-OSJ
  • A series of "monochrome" IP style-OSSH
  • A series of "granite" IP style-OSG

Unique properties of "IP style" decorative panels registered by the state authorities Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation and the Service of the certification system in the field of fire safety, confirm reliability and safety of their use.

Decorative panels "IP style" - a professionally stylish interior.

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